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The Legal Aspects of Formalizing the Sportization Development of Martial Arts Societies in Malaysia

Keywords: Sports law, legal status, constitution, sportization process, competition

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A Narrative Exploration of Issues in Silat Development From Children To Youth Athletes

Keywords: martial arts, olahraga, curriculum, young athlete development, combat sports, fighting

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The Effectiveness of Hand-Body Observation and Manipulation Methods on Taekwondo Taegeuk Learning Among Primary School Children

Keywords: teaching method, observation, hand body manipulation, memorization, martial art

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Effects of Cross-Training Using Silat Practice on Psychological Profiles of Young Tennis Players

Keywords: mental toughness, performance, silat practice, tennis, training

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Scrutinizing the Behaviour and Commitment of a Mixed Martial Art Fighting Online Gamer

Keywords: fighting genre, video gaming, esports, enjoyment, personal investment, social support, commitment

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