Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Keywords: the influence of the general body-ability on the special one, sensuous-motive answers in fighting, psycho-motoric ability, coordinative ability, the influence of various types of the sensuous-motive ability on the fencers’ results in different stages of the training

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Keywords: fencing, history, European fencing schools, arm’s using art, national fencing schools: Italian, national fencing schools: Freuch, national fencing schools: Hungarian, national fencing schools: Austrian, national fencing schools: old-Polish

Read more: European fencing schools and their impact on the development of Polish fencing before 1939

Keywords: sport science, negative phenomenons of the sport science, training activity of coaches, incorrect practice of coaches, pseudo-scientific jargon

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Keywords: motor co-ordination abilities, opponent's feeling, training period, training session, Tae-Kwon-Do, competitors

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Keywords: coordination abilities, training periods, traditional karate, kineasthesio-metry, tensodynamometry, static balance ability, posturography

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Keywords: teaching and leaming, progress of mind and body, creative images, emotions and personality, the fundamentals of sport training

Read more: Educational and tutorial influence on a sportsman at the younger school age

Keywords: holistic pedagogy, spiritual development, personality, trainer, styles of conduct in sport, sports training, education through sports training, self-development

Read more: The ethos of the combat sports’ trainer. Trainer as a propagator of some guidelines on holistic...

Keywords: Universal State of Consciousness, consciousness, not-undergoing changes – state, universal religions

Read more: States of consciousness – problems and results. The genetic immortality. The author's reflections...

Keywords: excessive culture, postmodern society, culture of limiations, youth, modern pathologies, social anxiety, social isolation and withdrawal

Read more: Culture of excess or culture of limitation?  A matter of choice in postmodern society  

Keywords: Far-Eastern martial arts, rituals and theatre, chain of connections, record of the technical fighting movement, archetype, mythical roots, psycho-social fact, symbolic word, ritual of movement, self-defence, self-realization, self-expression, performative phenomenon, dance, secondary ritualization, sport performance, martial arts film, spectacular dimension, choreography of scenes of fight, philosophy of martial arts, relationships with religion and magic, aesthetics, feature outstanding distinctive, the kata training, knight's ethos, sciamachy, improvisation

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Keywords: civilization and its threats, western civilization, capitalism, globalization, mass and consumptive culture, a fight with civilization’s threats, a resignation of globalizaton and neoliberal system

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