Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Brief review of scientific events and publications – in the sphere of human and cultural problems, and martial arts discourse 2020

Background. Specialised associations and eminent individuals contribute to present day fighting arts as an area of research and as a cultural phenomenon. This, in turn turns imperceptibly into history. Is it not worth monitoring these events on an ongoing basis, and recording the facts? Inevitably the choice will always be subjective.

Problem. The cognitive aim of the study is a factual analysis of the environment (martial arts and combat sports and warrior cultures), and in particular the researchers in this field. The study is based on the city of Rzeszow, the home of the Idokan Poland Association (IPA), and IMACSSS, and also takes a wider international view. Scientific and methodological events and new literature on the subject are reviewed.

Method. The main qualitative method used here is the multiple case study research method , both descriptive and interpretive, and evaluative. Data was collected between November 2019 and November 2020 and in many cases, the authors were direct observers of the events. The publications however were evaluated using the content analysis method.
Results and Conclusions. A series of events was identified and evaluated in short reviews, as well as a series of publications which are all of interest given the thematic profile of our Journal. The situation of both the fighting arts environment and researchers in the field is being monitored on an ongoing basis, with photographic and descriptive documentation.