Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Scientific travel to Osaka: the next case study of martial arts tourism

Background. The issue is presented from the perspective of the concept of scientific tourism and martial arts tourism, as a manifestation of the process of the institutionalisation of the international community of martial arts researchers.
Problem and Aim. The aim of this study is to describe and review the scientific event, a conference of two international scientific societies: The Japanese Academy of Budo and the International Martial Arts and Combat Sports Scientific Society (JAB and IMACSSS).
Method. The basic method is participant observation by the author – a form of field study. In addition, factual material, pronouncements by the participants, and the subject literature are analysed. The third method used is a form of visual sociology adapted to analyse a tourist event. Photographs are presented in this study to illustrate the descriptions.
Results. The article describes the journey, purpose, conduct and evaluation of the 6th International Conference of the IMACSSS, and the JAB 50th Anniversary Conference. The main objective of most participants was to attend these two conferences.
Conclusions. The conference was a success for both organizers and participants. It was an opportunity to exchange most up-todate knowledge and research results. Arrangements for further joint initiatives to be implemented between different institutions were also made.