Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Comparison of Psychological Skills Between Pencak Silat and Karate

Background. The psychological skills of athletes have an important role in the achievement of art sports. However, there has been no scientific formation regarding the psychological skills of Indonesian pencak silat martial arts and karate athletes competing in the 2018 Asian Games
Aim. The aim of this research was to compare the psychological skills of Indonesian pencak silat martial arts and karate athletes who competed in the 2018 Asian Games.
Method. Quantitative research methods, using ex-post fact methods with research design is retrospective causal-comparative design. Samples used are 12 martial arts karate athletes and 22 Pencak silat athletes with a total sample of 34 athletes. The instruments used in this research were The Psychological Skills Inventory for Sports (PSIS) which consists of 6 assessed, aspects: motivation, trust, anxiety control, mental preparation, importance of the team and concentration. Analysis of differences in the characteristics of psychological skills of athletes using the Mann-Whitney Test.
Result. The research showed the value of Mann-Whitney Count = 129 with the Sig.value = 0.914. So the Sig.value = 0.914 > 0.05.
Conclusion. There are no significant differences in the characteristics of the psychological skills of pencak silat and karate athletes. However, by examining more deeply the psychological skills that can be used as a reference for developing strategies, and in order to obtain the best results in competition it is better to use an experienced psychology coach in martial art teams to prepare the athletes mentally and psychological.