Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Modern views on diagnostics and treatment of metabolic syndrome X

In 1988 Reaven described the metabolic syndrome being a group of risk factors of heart disease as a metabolic syndrome X. Kemp and his coworkers used this term for describing
a state of pains in chest imitating steno-cordial ailments in patients with normal results of coronaro- graphic examination. Syndrome X includes: obesity of stomach type, increased resistance of tissues to insulin, increased concentration of insulin in blood, handicapped tolerance of glucose or diabetes of type 2, disorders in fat economy, i.e. increased concentration of cholesterol of the fraction of lipoproteins of low density (LDL – cholesterol) and tri-glycerides (simple fats) in blood, and decreased concentration of cholesterol of fraction of lipoproteins of high density (HDL – cholesterol), arterial hypertension, increased declination as far as arteriosclerosis is concerned.
The starting point in describing the syndrome X are results of bio-chemic, genetic, hormonal and epidemiological research. Defining the syndrome X proves that pato-genetic connections of various symptoms of this syndrome have not been definitely determined yet. The plentiful research provides us with convincing data indicating special meaning of chronic hyper-insulinism in its development and process. In a highly developed countries obesity, diabetes and poly-metabolic syndrome are currently the main health problem, and the present work is an attempt to introduce current views on this topic.