Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - The nature of consciousness (the essence of 40 years of research)

The author is an inventor of a new branch of pedagogy – The Holistic Pedagogy and The Hypo-thesis of Genetic Immortality – strictly connected with a holistic understanding of the nature of consciousness. Hę presents the multidisciplinary view on several fundamental notions, as life, consciousness, personal identity, heredity, genetic memory, etc. According to the above mentioned revision of to-date terminology is presented. The author claims the notion of heredity can be understood as continuity of the parents' lives in children. Therefore, the chain of life and consciousness has not been interrupted despite of the death of an individual. The program-me investigation including the state of relaxation and the peculiar state of consciousness named by the author „The State Not Able To Change” or „Universal State Of Consciousness” was extended to about 1000 schoolboys and schoolgirls, and about 5000 university students. The Hypothesis of Genetic Immortality (HGT) deserves, according to scientific opinions, to be called The Theory of Genetic Immortality (TGI).