Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Education by means of comprehension

Education becomes a mistake whose consequences one hard to foresee if it does not lead to comprehension of life, its essence, when it is fragmentary, when it offers those being educated only knowledge and skill.
If teacher is supposed to show his students the way to self-recognition and self-understanding, then first of all he has to know himself, and he cannot be lost in the chaos of life, his own desires, and everyday conflicts and problems.
Mind can measure only the measurable. It is helpless in the face of mystery and incommensurable. It does not know what meditation and direct comprehension are, it does not know what love and cognition by heart are, either. We can not omit these most valuable and unusual experiences in education. Master Eckhart wrote: “With its higher senses the Soul touches the Eternity which is God, with its lower ones, though, it touches the Time. And therefore it is the subject to changeability and is inclines towards material things, losing nobility thereat.” Understanding comes with the openness to the timeless truth, in the endeavour to wisdom.