Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Reflections on business tourism in the context of the monograph study “Science tourism from a visual sociology perspective”

This study presents some reflections on the monograph by Wojciech J. Cynarski [2015] entitled “Science Tourism from a visual sociology perspective”. This paper highlights the criteria for the different subdivisions of business tourism and I have used the monographic method to consider the issues under discussion. In addition to this, the uniqueness of the concept of conference and congress tourism was highlighted as an intellectual phenomenon, as well as a cultural and sociological one. This concept was investigated using the participant observation method and the diagnostic survey method, including the conference material analysis technique.
Of particular value in the study being reviewed is the large number of photographs. Given this approach readers do not only understand the author’s standpoint, but also, in a way, participate in the events being described and arrive at their own opinions by reading the opinions and conclusions of speech-makers and by examining the photos. As a generalisation one can conclude that the monograph being reviewed is a valuable addition to the tourism science publications market.