Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - The teaching, the rules and a martial arts Master’s practical knowledge of combat

The author of the article deals with vital questions related to the strategy and psychology of combat. Readers’ attention is drawn to the ways of teaching and mastering of the strategies and their influence on the course of combat. The article concerns martial arts, painting to how particular techniques operate, and indicates how the meaning of combat can be imbibed. Education In martial arts is divided into three stages:
– imitation,
– modification and creativity,
– consciousness and harmony of motion.
The author presents comparatives studiem conducted with two groups of people practising jujutsu, ju-jitsu professional fighters and amateur jujutsu competitors. The study was aimed at providing an answer to the question whether the two groups differ as far as the efficiency of combat is concerned, taking into account the technical and tactical factors.
The last part of the article is a summary. It contains practical advice and the principles helpful In teaching strategies of combat.