Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - AIESEP 2008 World Congress in Sapporo

The author presents a report on AIESEP Congress in Sapporo. It is also an article reviewing a scientific event reflection of the cross-cultural dialogue. The report summarizes the agenda, cultural reflections and final assumptions. It also includes photographs.
The Congress was highly evaluated as a scientific event. According to its motto The North meets the South, the East meets the West the event enabled a meeting and dialogue.
It was emphasized that Wojciech J.Cynarski's humanistic theory of martial arts is finding more and more acclaim as well as is the development of cultural research conducted by the scientists associated with the issue of Ido-Movement for Culture of the Idokan Poland Association at the Physical Education Faculty of Rzeszów University.
The discussion involved relations of the physical culture with health education, psychology and pedagogy of sport, socio-cultural aspects , preparing teachers and school programmes, ethics and values. The scientific level, due to the preliminary selection, was generally high.