Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Attempts at restoration of the Polish military art at the turn of the 20th century

Polish Martial Arts is the subject which in very Poland did not yet wait serious scientific elaborations. Few works concern the history of the Polish weapon or only wielding selected types of cold steel. Also only not a large group of enthusiasts try to restore and cultivate the Old Polish tradition, which especially concerns fencing art.
The aim of research was to make – in the perspective of sociology of culture, sciences of physical culture and humanistic theory of martial arts – explication of the phenomenon of reviving of Polish martial arts and restoration of chivalrous ethos.
The Author knows, directly and from participating observation, numerous persons and facts presented here. As a disciple of already deceased master Yoshio Sugino (10 dan kobudo katori shinto-ryu) he fought against the Polish sabre champion and took part in joint shows of the Polish and Japanese fencing. Also approachable stationery was analysed.
In the study were presented Zabłocki‘s School, „Signum Polonicum" and tradition of war scythe. There is realized a reflection on subject of Polish military arts contribution in the cultural dialogue. It is a part of greater European trials for restoration of chivalrous values.
The chivalrous movement and restoration of Polish martial arts well serve historical education of the youth, constituting also a support-worthy formula of patriotic, moral and physical education. They are also an interesting phenomenon in the area of physical culture and national heritage, which yet requires further sociological research or cultural anthropology related research. The very fact of research and popularisation of this cultural heritage is an interesting and socially valuable phenomenon.