Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Effect of a single session exercise done twice a day on plasma lipids, lipoproteins, immunoglobulin and cortisol in elite karatekas

Introduction: There is a large body of research showing that aerobic based physical exercise has an effect on plasma lipid and lipoproteins. Relatively little attention, however, has been directed toward the lipid andlipoproteins responses to a single session of exercise in athletes. Furthermore, studies have shown that our bodies follow a daily cycle called the circadian rhythms, which regulate everything from body temperature, metabolism, blood pressure, hormone secretion and performance. Thus, the aim of this study was to examine whether a single session of exercise at different time of day affected lipid andlipoproteins levels before and after maximal karate exercise.
Methods: twenty karate athlete (mean (SD) age 23 (3.4) years) volunteered to participate in the study and divided to trial and control groups. A trial group, with 36 hours between test sessions, performed two identical training sessions with %70-90 reserve heart rate at 07 and 19 hours in the same indoor place. plasma samples were taken pre and post exercise in all subjects.
Results: significant decrease observed in the afternoon VLDL and TG and increase HDL in posttest versus pretest (P<0.05). Trial and control group comparison showed significant difference in posttest of TC and LDL (P≤0.05).
Conclusion: These results suggest that a single session exercise affect cortisol, immunoglobulin, lipid andlipoproteins with circadian variation in some variables.