Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - The consequences of implementing the Law on Sport adopted 25 June 2010, with particular emphasis on sport for all and conducted classes in its area of hand-to-hand fighting

New legislation has completely changed the situation in physical recreation, which now is described as “sport for all”. Unfortunately, the new law there does not regulate this very important area of social life. The provisions of the previous law precisely defined the organization of activities in the field of recreation, which is very important especially in the area of self-defense classes taught or martial arts. In such trainings very important are not only teaching techniques for fighting, but also proper emotional, moral and intellectual development of students. The new law wiped out the state supervision of sport for all, by introducing deregulation of the profession of recreation instructor. Currently, this work may be done be everyone and the fact who can be employed in that capacity is determined exclusively by the free market. The new law requires amendment so that all people who exercise have guarantee that their instructors have the knowledge, abilities and experience necessary to carry out this mission.