Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Scientific tourism. Self-realisation, dialogue-cultural and sacral dimensions

Problem. The following study shows different dimensions of congress tourism. The authors present a case study of an international scientific conference with references to other conferences and the effort of showing some more general regularity, e.g. a ritual dimension.
Methods. Empirical base is an experience of the first of authors in the field of active participation in 50 international scientific abroad conferences. In the logical order it is:
Type of research – fieldwork;
Type of a general method – case study;
Type of data collecting – active participant observation, with references to other similar cases. In addition, a content analysis of the literature is used. The study was conducted from the perspective of anthropological-systemic theory of tourism, sociology of tourism and tourism concept of non-entertaining excursion.
Results and conclusions. Scientific tourism is an interesting example of combining the features of several varieties of tourism. In addition to purely scientific purposes there are elements of congress tourism, transport, cultural, or religious. In the interpretation of thistype of event tourism one must therefore take into account dimensions of self-realisation, dialogue-a cultural and religious one.