Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Martial Arts in Physical Culture

Aim. Our goal is to open a discussion on the place of martial arts in physical culture, and with reference to specific subjects (relationship to sport, physical education, physical rehabilitation, physical recreation and tourism).
Methods. This is a preliminary discussion of the issues: inspection and image recognition, realised from the perspective of The Humanistic Theory of Martial Arts, theory of physical culture and sociology of culture. SFE literature (content analysis) and a long-term experience of authors with the practice of various martial arts and combat sports are the methods.
Results. The study discusses a general relationship of martial arts to high culture (cultural heritage), physical culture, physical education, physical rehabilitation, sports culture, and leisure area (tourism and recreation).
Conclusions. Martial arts are part of physical culture, although they are not included in it entirely. Let us just look at their relationship to the individual components of physical culture. Martial arts are an expression of an active and dynamic lifestyle of today's society, which is a certain regularity on a global scale.