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Abstract - An analysis of the conceptual language used for the general theory of martial arts – Japanese, Polish and English terminology

Problem. The following study is concerned with the issue of the terminology used in martial arts, both widely in their practice, as well as in the scientific sphere. It deals with errors and misunderstandings, and changes and establishes definitions of terms.
Method. The research is particularly concerned with the basic terms for martial arts used in the English, Japanese and Polish languages. Hermeneutic content analysis of the subject literature, dictionaries and scientific studies is here carried out from the perspective of the Humanistic Theory of Martial Arts (HTMA).
Results. The authors present general comments about language changes and their causes. They make comparisons between definitions in specialist literature. They explain the problems of translation and refer to the statements of other researchers. The appendix features a glossary with analysis and explanation of selected basic concepts.
Conclusions. Stipulative definitions, whose purpose is to clarify the basic concepts used in the science of martial arts, were used. This new scientific specialization should extend from the jargon of trainers to the language of scientific description. The causes of errors in martial arts terminology were also pointed out.