Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Chronicle 2013

The following work is a chronicle (factual material plus assessment and comments) compiling the most important scientific events in the field of martial arts and cultural tourism research, which took place at the end of 2012 and throughout 2013. These include the 3rd International Symposium of Idokan Poland, organized in Rzeszów on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the IPA; the 46th Conference of the Japanese Academy of Budo connected with the International Conference of IMACSSS in Tsukuba, the 5th Conference of ISSSS (International Society of Social Science of Sport) in Porto, and the 9th International Conference “Sport and Quality of Life” in Brno.
The Chronicle mentions the people who have contributed significantly to the study of martial arts in Poland and Germany such as Eryk Murlowski and Prof. Horst Tiwald. There is also a list of people promoted to higher ranks (scientific or in martial arts), honoured with awards or rewarded in other ways. The new members of IPA are listed.
The last part of the journal contains a brief overview of new publications in the broadly understood area of martial arts and combat sports, as well as socio-cultural, humanistic, physical culture and tourism studies.