Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Facts and Comments 2014

Aim. The aim of the Chronicle is to gather source material in order to document the history and development of the institutions of cultural studies, martial arts and cultural tourism.
It is also a review of publications and events in this area of interest.
Method. Information and detailed data were collected from different sources: direct reports, publications online resources. Illustrations (photos) are autotelic. This is a general description of events supported by commentary and analysis of content.
Results. In addition to individual facts, concerning, for example, awards and promotions, a series of events are described and reviewed. This is followed by reviews of 28 books, and other major publications.
Conclusions. Probably the most important event of the analysed period was the 3rd World Scientific Congress of Combat Sports and Martial Arts, and the 3rd IMACSSS International Conference in Rzeszów. As a result of these, institutional and qualitative developments in martial arts science can be seen.