Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - The Experience of the State of Flow in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Background and Aim. Flow experience is known as highly rewarding and pleasurable experience. It happens due to deep focus on an activity one is just performing. The person becomes one with the activity losing consciousness about time and is detached from the ego. The research purpose is to examine and compare flow in three different parts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training.
Methods. The research included 136 respondents. For collecting data we used DFS-2 questionnaire (short version). It consists of nine questions corresponding to Csikszentmihalyi´s concept of nine dimensions. Data collection was done via on-line link and distributed through email and social network.
Results. The results showed that there were significant differences between the parts of training in each dimension. In two dimensions (Merging of action and awareness and Loss of self-consciousness) the significant difference was found in all three parts of the training. In two dimensions (Challenge skill balance and Clear goals) the difference was found only in one case of three parts of the training when they have been compared to each other.
Conclusion. Flow experience is definitely an area of study worth to pay attention to as the understanding the principles of it can bring better approach towards better quality of a training in any area of physical activity and beyond. For further and more complete data would be necessary to use a qualitative approach too.