Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - The nobility of spirit – Homo Creator Nobilis. Towards the anthropology of the knightly way

Background and Aim. To create a theoretical framework to analyse individual cases using Florian Znaniecki’s philosophy of culture, the concept of radical humanism and the anthropology of the warrior’s way. The aim of the study is to describe patterns and attempt to identify common features which are characteristic of people recognised as Homo Creator Nobilis or awarded The Order of Knighthood Homo Creator Nobilis.
Method. A broad discourse analysis is used, including both literature and popular texts, as well as a long-term participant observation method. This study uses a theoretical perspective based on the sociology and anthropology of martial arts. The accepted terminology developed from this concept is used. It is analysing of typical case studies (according Znaniecki) of martial artists and their way of life, and of noble knights – aristocrats of spirit.
Results. The study presents 20 historical figures and 9 people awarded The Order of Knighthood Homo Creator Nobilis. These are great Poles, people of science, and masters of martial arts. The Taoist “way and virtue” is realised throughout the long-standing practice of karate, and other martial arts ways as well as in the noble discovery of the truth by scientists.
Conclusion. All the characters described here are motivated by a love of freedom and truth, patriotism, and whose lives are lead according to the moral principles stemming from Christianity.