Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Masters of masters from the WJJC federation – new facts

The authors present profiles of eminent masters who are members of the WJJC, one of the first international martial arts organisation. The masters in question are: Erich Rahn, Julius Fleck, Walli Strauss, Hubert Klinger von Klingerstorff. Lothar Sieber knew masters Rahn, Klingerstorff, Jansen, Steindl and Matuschek in person. All of the aforementioned masters as well as other individuals listed beneath reached 10th dan. Wojciech J. Cynarski entered a correspondence with masters Klingerstorff and Schöllauf. The WJJC has continued the activity of 1954 – established IWJF, the president of honour of which became Erich Rahn. For twenty years the tradition has also been developed by Idokan Europe International, and by Association Idōkan Poland as well as the Deutscher Dan-Träger and Budo-Lehrer Verband.