Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Budo-building of personality. About pedagogical aspects of the Martial Arts and Ways' theory

The author starts his considerations with a suggestion that the ways of martial arts may be helpful in the academic education and especially in university one. He discusses the problem of a teacher of a moral way referring to the legacy of the Pope John Paul II. He argues with the concepts of humanists and sports theoreticians. He presents the educational dimension of various philosophies of martial arts, the sense of the moral way budo and the anti-way of being a gladiator. He also reflects on how politicians can manipulate the historical truth in connection with the cult of force.
The ethical way of far-eastern martial arts is close to the values of Christian personalism and in accordance with the new paradigm of the wholesome view on the man. However, the cult of force and violence constitutes reversion to barbarian pre-Christian cultures and as being in contradiction with th universal sense of humanitarism should be condemned and rejected.