Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Towards a general theory of self-defence

Content evaluation of the book by Dr Konrad Raczkowski entitled Martial Arts and Self-defense in the Historical, Legal, Psychological Aspect (published in Polish) was a basis for polemic reflection and opportunity to present W. Cynarski‘s own views related to self-defense and its scientific interpretation.
The author analyses the usefulness of Raczkowski‘s book content for creating a general theory of self-defense, particularly through the humanistic theory of martial arts perspective. The author points out the weaker fragments (from a methodological or cognitive point of view) and those that are particularly valuable. He emphasizes the issues of importance and mentions the authentic experts-masters. He concludes that the general expected systematic theory of self-defense should not be reduced to the pragmatic approach.
The post scriptum contains a polemic reference to Dr. A. Stępnik‘s work Sztuki walki-cele, metody, sposoby podejścia (Martial Arts-Purposes, Methods, Attitudes) referring also to basic definitions and understanding of martial arts.