Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Maori’s ritual body embellishments

The human body has always caused a lot of discussion in the world of science. Entering the social sphere, we can talk about perceiving people by taking into account their bodies. The consequence of human’s body autotelism is usually improving its looks by adding make-up, clothing, jewelry and even by modifying the body. One of the forms of aforesaid modification is the tattoo, constant marking or composition of one or multi colored markings applied to any part of the body. Tattoo is made by inserting ink under the skin using different techniques. In New Zealand, in the Maori society we can meet many unique tattoo owners. Its originality is not only coming from the distinctive technique Maori are using to create tattoos, but also from a philosophical perspective.
Concluding, the teams of experts should develop general standards for granting technical and honorary degrees, the requirements for a teaching license, etc. the general rules concerning the rights to educate.