Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Hockenheim 2010. Contribution to the martial arts tourism

The author of the study has accepted an invitation to ”Grand International EWTO Seminar” as an honorary guest. He flew to Frankfurt am Main (the largest airport in Europe) via Rzeszów and arrived in a small town of Hockenheim. The seminar which lasted a few days took place in a large sports hall rented for this occasion. The EWTO (European Wing Tsun Organisation – Organisation for Wing Tsun and Escrima) is the largest European commercial organization of the Asian martial arts. Its founder and leader is Prof. dr hab. Keith R. Kernspecht, Dr honoris causa of the University in Plodiv, holder of the 10th master rank in Wing Tsun kung fu and 6th rank in latosa escrima. Prof. Kernspecht is also a member of the Scientific Research Committee of the Idōkan Poland Association and the Editorial Board for ”Ido Movement for Culture”.