Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Moral strength and safety culture. Revitalizing the West in view of Japanese conceptions

This paper examines the unique and long-standing tradition of Japanese safety culture based upon the foundation of Japan's samurai culture and its Bushido code of honor, focusing on its ethical aspects. It also raises the issue of the usefulness and availability of Far-Eastern, particularly Japanese, martial arts traditions in the context of safety culture. In the trichotomous categorization of ‘pillars of safety culture,’ with said pillars being (1) mental and spiritual; (2) organizational and legal; and (3) material pillar; Far Eastern heritage can prove especially advantageous for the first pillar. The author argues that despite the geographical and cultural distance, Far-Eastern martial arts, particularly Japanese budo, might turn out to be a source of inspiration and revitalization for the Western safety culture, especially in light of its current crisis of values.