Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - The influence of an original training programme on the general physical fitness of ju-jitsu trainees

Aim. Ju-Jitsu is a discipline which has a high level requirements when it comes to trainees’ motor skills preparation. Great changeability of actions in the course of fight makes it necessary to develop the strength of shoulders, legs, back, stomach and forearms. The aim of this study was to determine the scope of influence on selected somatic features and the level of physical fitness of ju-jitsu trainees taking part in a modified circular training that is an original programme as well. The conducted research allowed to formulate the following research questions:
1. Has the experimental training programme influenced the level of the participants’ selected somatic characteristics?
2. Does the experimental training programme influence the level of strength, speed and stamina skills in the group of ju-jitsu trainees?
Method. In the study ju-jitsu trainees (N = 30) characterized by similar somatic parameters have been included. In the course of participant verification the following assumption was made: participants have to be males who have been training actively for at least three, but not longer than five years. Experimental training programme based on the circuit method were used. STATISTICA PL software was used to compile the results.
Results. The original training programme has exerted positive influence on the participants’ level of selected somatic characteristics and has contributed to the improvement of the level of strength, speed and stamina skills of ju-jitsu trainees.
Conclusion. The proposed training programme may be implemented as strength training in ju-jitsu training in the preparatory period.