Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Quantum physics and sports training. The possibility of using the achievements of quantum physics in football

Background. A theoretical perspective is provided here by a new system paradigm, consistent with the knowledge resulting from the findings of quantum physics. The authors also refer to certain trends in psychology and the theory of sports training.
Aim. The main objective of the study was to examine whether it is possible to effectively use the achievements of quantum physics in football training.
Methods. The primary technique of the research was a study of individual cases (N = 6). A preliminary analysis of subject literature was also carried out. The form of presentation of the contents of the scientific inquiry and the reflections concerning the results of quantum training was a direct interview.
Results and conclusions. The applied quantum training turned out to have very good results. In only in one case a clear improvement in health and psycho-physical fitness was not achieved. A need to continue and expand the research topics and their methodology was emphasised.