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Abstract - The importance of information blocks, which form the basis of tactical knowledge at different stages of long-term development in modern Olympic combat sports

Problem. The problems of tactical training in combat sports are represented in a large number of scientific and methodological works. The efforts of researchers are mostly aimed at expanding the arsenal of technical and tactical actions, and to find the most effective ones which allow athletes to compete against different opponents as successfully as possible. They also develop the tools and methods for such training. However the formation of tactical knowledge and tactical thinking, which are the basis of the tactical preparedness of athletes, is considered fragmentary.
Aim. The purpose of the research was to determine the importance of information blocks which could be the basis of tactical knowledge at different stages of long-term development in modern Olympic combat sports.
Method. The study used theoretical analysis and generalization to identify the main problems of tactical training in Olympic combat sports. Expert assessment was aimed at determining the most important provisions of tactical knowledge. 40 experts in fencing, wrestling, boxing, judo, taekwondo WTF, and karate WKF were recruited. In order to confirm the accuracy of the written examination, the concordance coefficient was determined in each group of experts (W).
Results and Conclusions. Several approaches could be used to form tactical knowledge: a universal one that is the same for all or mostOlympic combat sports (3-5 types), and a modified one that is in demand in 1-2 types. The most important for each Olympic combat sport is the topic “Competition rules”. Other topics have different significance depending on the stage and kind of combat sport.