Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Sport activity and sport motives of mountain bikers and road cyclists

The study is aimed to establish differences of road cyclists and mountain bikers. The main purpose of the study was to identify the conditions and scope of participating the sport, the recognition of the motives to participate, the environmental effect along with social and demographic characteristics. The study was based on a sample of 68 Slovenian road cyclists and mountain bikers, who completed the questionnaire. The data were processed with the SPSS 16.0 statistical software package. Basic statistics were created for both groups and the differences between them were established by an Analysis of Variance and the Chi-Square Test. Next to the qualitative research we have made additional five depth interviews with selected cyclists from both sports. The study results show that the mountain bikers have slightly different values which are usually typical for extreme athletes. Mountain bikers more often feel the need to take risks and seek new experiences. Compared to road cyclists, mountain bikers seek pleasure in sport and are not burdened by sport activity.