Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Introduction to the logic of a new paradigm of science

The first part of the analyses of the above study as its objective has to present classic logic as a special case of general logic. On the example of human science, the author proves inadequacy of Aristotle’s logic towards appropriate interpretation of some (particularly conscious and spiritual) dimensions of integral anthropology. Next, the author tries to find the answer to the question why there is a need to use a perspective of general paradigm and what kind of paradigm it should be. Following statements of leading methodologists and philosophers of science, chosen concepts concerning non-classic logic and methodology of system science have been presented.
The author juxtaposes new propositions in the field of conceptual apparatus which would be more adequate to the interpretation of ‘the problem of human’ and the environment surrounding him. Starting from the position of the science of philosophy and epistemology and presenting critics of Newton-Cartesian’s reductionism, new concepts and trends of scientific penetrations have been presented. The new paradigm does not destroy but supplements so far visions of the world and science.
Logic of the new paradigm should be based on indications of a new system of epistemology and ontology, and on logic of system thinking. Proposed by E. Fromm ‘paradox logic’ seems to be particularly adequate to typically human problems of good, love, ambivalence of attitude or methods of symbolic spiritual cognition of reality.