Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Rugby as a combat sport

The authors of the article deal with the problem indicated by the title. They use not only the classic analytical method taking into consideration source material and literature, but they also base on the knowledge from direct experience and participating observation of the first of the authors as well as on the knowledge of the second author about combat sports. The consecutive stages of this sport development have been briefly presented in the historical perspective with special attention paid to Poland. The analysis of rules of sporting competition as well as the statements made by specialists lead to interesting conclusions.
The authors claim that rugby is a team combat sport. It is also a defensive sport and at the same time a great complementary (useful in the process of training) sport for martial arts and other combat sports. It develops motor abilities, forms the qualities of the character indispensable in case of a man who operates in difficult situations – especially in those of direct confrontation – individually or as part of a team. It teaches courage, team solidarity, quick response and decisive actions. Thus it is worth using rugby in holistic education of contemporary warriors.