Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - The essence and importance of emotions in sport activities

The Author briefly describes the influence of various directions of psychology (Freud psychology, behaviour psychology, cognitive psychology) on sport science and athlete‘s attitudes and activities, stressing great impact of recently developing emotional psychology. He enumerates various psychological processes (perception, mental processes, psychomotor processes, motivation and emotions) stressing great impact and influence of motivation and emotions on athete‘s activity, efficacy of performance, attitudes and generally on his whole life. It is very often underestimated and yet it is very important: the influence of emotions (anxiety, fear, confidence, optimism, joy, pleasure, love etc. etc.) on our thoughts, decisions, level and efficacy of performance. The Author also describes various emotional attitudes and ―capabilities‖. Finally, summing up, the Author gives practical advice, how a coach should take advantage and use his knowledge of emotion psychology in his work.