Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

This 2nd International Scientific Conference of Experts - Researchers on Martial Arts and Humanists was a continuation of the 1st International Scientific Conference "Humanist theory of martial arts and combat sports - concepts and problems" organized in Rzeszów in 2003. It was to contribute to the exchange of the latest research results and theoretical concepts.
It was a scientific event organized under the auspices of the Embassy of Japan in Poland and with co-operation of 6 institutions. Two scientific journals ("Archives of Budo" and "Ido - Ruch dla Kultury / Movement for Culture") have given their patronage. It was idea and work of people from the Faculty of Physical Education in Rzeszów University and from the Idokan Poland Association. Prof. K. Obodyński was a President of the Organizational Committee. Prof. W.J. Cynarski was a President of the Scientific Committee, among 23 Professors from 12 countries.
In the conference in 6 sessions was taking part together about 80 participants from 16 countries. There was published a Proceedings book with 32 abstracts. For oral presentation were classified 25 papers. There was indicated an essential necessity for continuation to deepen, humanistic and multidisciplinary studies and conferences in this subject.