Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Sentimental tourism of Polish people to the Eastern borderland

This research issue concerns an axiosociological explication of the sentimental tourism conditioning of Polish people to the Eastern Borderland, in particular to the south-eastern section. The aim of the resulting research is to refer to the defining features of this tourism in the area of modern Ukraine, from the perspective of a visiting Polish tourist.
Research methodology used here comprised of two methods: subject literature analysis and case study description with participatory observation) of a trip from Rzeszów, Lviv and the Golden Horseshoe of the Lviv area.
The authors define basic notions and relate to the history of the visited areas and monuments. Explication was conducted in the system perspective of tourism theory and sociological, anthropological and cultural concepts. Sentimental tourism is cognitive, cultural and educational. Its axiological conditioning results from the needs, motivations, beliefs, values and the basic hierarchy of the tourists themselves and of travel agents. Apart from the tourists' needs, there are also some factors resulting from the economic, political and socio-cultural situation of the visited places involving the sentiment of Poles towards the south-eastern Borderland. They also include the need to visit places that are important in Polish culture, are presented in literature as well as sympathy for the Polish minority in Ukraine and the manifestation of patriotism with the elements of pilgrimage.