Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Influence of a programmed judo training on changes of anthropological features in children attending sports schools

This paper completes the follow-up of changes in motor and physiological abilities and anthropometric features during a three-year training cycle. The aim of the paper was to identify the effects of three-year judo training on changes of some anthropological features in judokas-boys. These changes were the result of a three-year long planned and programmed transformation process in the life span from 11 to 14 years of boys' age, that is during the period of their schooling from the fifth, to sixth, to seventh form of elementary school. The sample consisted of 17 boys who underwent the final testing after three years at the age of 14 (+/- six months). Those 17 judokas were tested both initially and at the end of the continuous three-year training program. The sample of variables was comprised of sixteen (16) tests for the assessment of anthropometric features and of motor and physiological abilities. The results obtained showed significant changes in judokas after a three-year organized training process. All motor and physiological abilities, as well as anthropometric features showed a statistically significant progress after the three-year training process. Upon analyzing the whole three-year training process it can be concluded that participation in judo program in adolescents significantly influences the positive development of all analyzed abilities and features.