Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Institutionalization of the jujutsu martial art in Poland – the problem of teaching qualifications

The aim of this study is to describe and evaluate the process of institutionalization of jujutsu in Poland regarding the power to teach this martial art. Humanistic perspective gives the theoretical theory of martial arts, which is part of a sociological reflection. Research questions concern the current state – who has the formal authority to teach it and in what forms. The long-term participant observation of the first author (from the 70’s of the last century) is the main basis for the reflection carried out and the analysis of the institutionalization of Japanese jujutsu in Poland, especially in the institutions and powers of the master’s degree in education. The matter of student training grant degrees (kyu) and master (dan), and allowances for teaching in the martial art jujutsu, sport jujutsu and self-defense still remain unanswered. The authors analyze the situation and propose clear solutions. According to the authors, only in the case of jujutsu the issue is relatively simple. Institutionalization copies judo and other sports. However, in the case of the martial arts grades, class or licensed teacher of martial arts instructor levels, and the corresponding degrees in sports coaching should be established.
Concluding, the teams of experts should develop general standards for granting technical and honorary degrees, the requirements for a teaching license, etc. the general rules concerning the rights to educate.