Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Pilgrimage - tourism continuum once again: matrix of sacred, spiritual and profane connectedness to authenticity

Background and study aim. This paper attempts to seek connections to the authenticity and spirituality of traveller in one or another mode of experience.
Material and methods. The preparatory terminological background is defined by the distinction of the spheres of the sacral and the profane [Eliade 1957]. The central concept is spirituality, which can be perceived not only as an aspect of religiosity, but also, in relation to the philosophical anthropology of Max Scheler [1981], as a substantially personal way of human existence.
Results. The essential viewpoint stems in the distinction between the individual ways of travelling, since both tourism and pilgrimage can obtain religious as well as secular connotations.
Conclusions. As opposed to the continuum defined by Cohen [1979], this contribution deals with phenomena of authenticity and spirituality